Friday, April 18, 2008

6.1 Million gallon oil spill

The news that the Cosco Busan spilled 58,000 gallons of oil into San Francisco Bay was met with outrage from the public and environmentalist. One environmental group however, the National Resource Defense Council points out that the 58,000 gallons from the Cosco Busan is dwarfed by the 6.1 million of oil that runs into the waters of California from roads and sidewalks every year.

From NRDC's Your Oceans Website:

While the impacts of this particular spill are acute, the amount of oil spilled by the Cosco Busan is dwarfed by the annual amount that simply washes into the bay. On average, 6.1 million gallons of oil runs into California waters from roads and sidewalks each year. Reducing pollution from these “invisible” spills is critical to improving the overall health of coastal waters.

The Bay will recover from the Cosco Busan spill. The steams, rivers and coastal water ways of California, and the rest of the country, can not recover from the daily runoff from our roads. This so-called non-point pollution is much more problematic then a spill like the Cosco Busan.

It is easy to point fingers, become outraged and demand new legislation in the case of an accidental discharge. What do you do when, from Pogo "You have met the enemy and he is us"?

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