Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cosco Busan Crew Still Detained Without Charge

Bob Couttie's Maritime Accident Casebook has details regarding the crew of the Cosco Busan crew being held at an unknown location. The pilot at the time of the accident, Capt. John J. Cota, has been charged with criminal violation of the Clean Water Act.

Maritime workers make convenient scapegoats for accidents which result in a discharge of oil and damage to the marine environment.

Several organizations are active in opposing the ongoing criminalization of maritime accidents including the IMO, the International Maritime Organization and the ITF, International Transport Workers Federation. On the other hand it seems the U.S., which was once seen as a beacon of human rights, opposes rights similar to the familiar "Miranda’ rights" for seaman.

Here is an article The Criminalization of Maritime Accidents by Michael and George Chalos (PDF)

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