Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream
Oil on canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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So, at Kennebec Captain, featured above is Winslow Homer's well known painting "The Gulf Stream". This painting does not have any mermaids but it does have, not only a boat, but a man in peril, a ship, rough seas, sharks and a waterspout. You can see it full size here. Winslow Homer: Behind the Scenes Exhibition at The Art Institute of Chicago is here.

Homer was asked to provide a couple of lines to describe the painting. He answered "I regret very much that I have painted a picture that requires any description."

Others have given their interpretations however, the Wikipedia article is here with a couple of links to essays


will said...

homer in general and gulf stream in particlar are some of my favorite. visited his studio once just south of portland...after he had passed, of course.

Kennebec Captain said...

Yes, Mariners spend a lot of time looking at and studying the water, Homer's paintings look "right" to me, he is my favorite.