Monday, May 5, 2008

Six Crew Members of Cosco Busan Still Held

Six crew members of the Cosco Busan are still being held in the U.S. without charges. Bob Couttie, at his site Maritime Accident Case Book asks" Cosco Busan Detainees - Where are the T-shirts. Couttie writes:
""They fall beneath the liberal radar because they’re simply seafarers waiting to go home."
Compare the treatment of the Cosco Busan crew to the reaction when the crew of ExcelAir was held in Brazil after a mid-air collision with Gol Transporte Aereos flight 1907 which went down resulting in the deaths of 137 people. The pilot and co-pilot were held for two months. Several articles from Newsday here. In particular the article Leaders press for Brazil pilots' release byAudrey Dutton of Newsday.

Only media coverage of the ship crew seems to be Mercury News article here.

Is the crew of the Cosco Busan being treated fairly and justly?


will said...

thanks for posting on this. it's outrageous and arrogant to hold folks this long. get attorneys or even authorized paralegals to take their depositions and let these guys get back to work and routines/surroundings of their own choosing.

Kennebec Captain said...

Yes, foreign seaman are seen as having no rights it seems. I don't know why they have been overlooked.