Monday, June 16, 2008

The Maritime Information Sharing Network

What is The Maritime Information Sharing Network? It is my way of encouraging other mariners to start actively sharing their experiences and knowledge on line. Leave comments on other maritime blogs, submit an article to gcaptain, start a blog.

If you are, or have been involved in the maritime world, afloat or ashore I encourage you to become active on the web. I have neither a good writing style or a good web design, yet, in a small way, I have managed to add my point of view to the on-line maritime community. I don't do this out of love of my fellow mariners. I seek to improve my own understanding of my profession and to enlighten those shore bound.

Mainers used to congregate around ports where they could share stories, experiences and expertise - no longer. When we are ashore we a scattered to the four winds. The internet offers us powerful tools to connect and to communicate. Administrators, regulators and other shore-side personnel seek a better understanding of life at sea, other captains seek feedback from pilots and tips from other mariners including captains.

A quick sea story - When I ashore from the Snowbird, I was chief mate, I had coffee one morning with the chief mate who was on the same run, similar ship. He told me they had anchored and the anchor winch had broken down. He described to me he had used the cargo gear to easily recover the anchor and chain. About two week later I found myself in the exact same situation. The captain wanted to buoy the chain and cut it, maneuver the ship alongside and pull the chain on deck. Without telling him where I had learned it I told him I could use the cargo gear to pull the chain and the anchor back up thought the hawser pipe, stowing the chain in the chain locker and the anchor properly hawsed. The operation was a success. Of course the captain never gave me credit, but then, I never hinted that I had learned the trick over coffee.

So if you read maritime blogs, start leaving comments, if you frequently leave comments, start a blog, learn how to use Social Bookmarking.

"There is no use for experience, if it is not shared with others. And there is no real excuse not to share it. - The Art of Dredging

"Blogging is about sharing knowledge and ideas online. As a blogger, it means a lot to us whenever someone appreciates our articles; and through your votes you are helping and inspiring us." - Pinoy Maritime

Give outsiders a seat at the Captain’s Table” - gcaptain

"There are numerous websites available giving lot of marine related information. However, Marine Buzz.Com is for those who are new to sea and opt for career at sea."

- Also reading other sites from time to time you my find you have other things in common with fellow bloggers, for example a little insight about life at home

Cooking was never my interest. My wife usually cooks for me. I only like the habit of eating the foods she cooks. But I found out that the kitchen is also a battlefield, wherein my wife is the commander in chief.

from Pinoy Maritime from "The Kitchen is a Battlefield"

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