Tuesday, August 5, 2008

As Big Ships Go

I always thought that Gordon Lightfoot's song about the Edmund
Fitzgerald was a great song. So I was shocked when Miami Herald
humorist, Dave Barry announced in his column that, out of all other
lines, in all other songs, that the line "As the big freighters go it was bigger than most" had been declared the worst song
line ever. What? I always though it was a great line.

What is a big ship?

Ships are classified in different ways depending on the type, tanker
or bulker and so on. Officially, in Japan, a "Big vessel" is
defined as any vessel 200 meters or more, and must adhere to more
stringent regulations regarding traffic and display a special
signal (at night a flashing green light)

I would say that this ship is a large one but, at 199.94 meters, it is
not "big". So, as bIg ships go, this ship falls short by 0.06 meters.
Try singing that.


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