Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Interview with APMSS head.

Apparently this article was written before the attack on the Biscaglia but I think it is still worth reading in spite of the cute headline.

From Salon - Pirates don't like loud noises. -

Davis, founder and CEO of the U.K.-based Anti-Piracy Maritime Security Solutions (APMSS), argues that the Somali pirates are far less aggressive than their image in the media would suggest, and that the best way to counteract them is via high-tech audio, not guns. Recent events, however, may undermine Davis' business plan: On Nov. 28, three days after this interview, and after Davis insisted the non-lethal strategy was effective, a three-man crew from his firm had to jump into the ocean to escape from pirates who had overwhelmed a tanker they had been hired to protect.


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