Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some Links - Robust crews

Eagle Speak is covering the commercial beat - Container traffic at Los Angles is down a reported 20 to 30% - Port of LA Cargo Slump

gcaptain is covering the pirate beat- Weekly Round up Piracy Headlines

Modern Day pirate tales covers some politics as well with a post about the UN, piracy and Somalia

They say what you don't know can't hurt you but if you don't know if your cross-overs are opened or closed it can kill you at MTVA - Close the Cross-Overs

Fred Fry has some photos of a ship shoot up by pirates - Pirate Attack Photos

As for myself I've been thinking about nautical metaphors and the financial crisis. Consider how a storm at sea can find a weak point in a ship and crew and damage or sink it. Look what happened to Madoff's Ponzi scheme when the markets went down. Had the economy stayed strong Madoff would be sailing along undetected. I don't hear the word "robust" used to refer to ships but I think it is apt. A ship and crew could be thought of as a system, and that system needs to be robust to safely transit the seas.

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