Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some links

Photo by Joel Milton .

The photo above and some others sends the Tugster to the Bible for some good quotes in Merry Holidays

From NY Tugmasters WEBLOG - Great site, reading this blog to me is like having a cup of coffee (Maxwell House, no cream, no sugar) with a tug captain, here is a sample -
The know-it-alls had little if any on-deck experience and weren’t the least bit qualified to run the deck much less the tug, Third Mate Unlimited or not.
Read the rest at Getting the Signatures

EagleSpeak has a good post about shipping - Shipping Industry Hits Skids

Marine Accident Casebook covers the case of the tripped tug the Flying Phantom in Three Dead Because Lesson not Learned
I first heard about this case at the MTVA More thoughts on the River Clyde Tragedy

Oh, one more - Mea Culpa from Weekly Leader
After years spent over the ocean looking for lost, endangered, ill, or otherwise seriously troubled boaters, I have noticed something very common in most search and rescue cases..... it’s always the captain’s fault.


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