Sunday, December 14, 2008

Whale Wars - Blue Acres?

I wonder what supporters of the Sea Shepherd Society think when they watch Whale Wars. Do they see how poorly the ship is run?

In the last episode the chief mate breaks his thumb launching the RIB and another crew is injured inside the boat in rough seas later during the same operation. In the previous episode Paul Watson and his senior officers dismiss the contributions of the crew and make it clear that they consider the crew to be entirely and easily replaceable.

I initially started watching the show to try an spot incidents of poor seamanship but it's not just poor seamanship, the dynamics between Watson, the officers and crew is all wrong. Watson and crew are out of place at sea. If Whale Wars had a few jokes and a laugh track it could be a sea-going Green Acres

Evidently Watson does not have a captains license, from The New Yorkers A Reporter at Large: Neptune's Navy:
Watson gave himself the title of captain, though he does not have a captain’s license. “He loves to dress up in uniform, as ‘Captain Paul Watson,’ and suddenly there’s enough gold braid on his shoulders to skipper the Queen Mary,”
The crew of the Sea Shepherd has gone on record with regard to the unsafe operation - From PM - Steve Irwin Captain dismisses staff safety concerns.
Crew members say lives were put at risk this summer when a Zodiac boat capsized and threw four people into the freezing water.

They say it happened because the launch was handled by inexperienced volunteers.

The capsized boat is just one of a long list of safety concerns, including another Zodiac that went missing, an inactive fire alarm system and a lack of safety drills.

Watson responded to critics at Captain Paul Watson Response to Whale War Critics, that article included this quote from Watson:
"as for incompetence, this last week-end saw a major accident on board a Russian nuclear submarine where more than twenty sailors died because of a lack of supply of gas masks"
- try using that excuse on your boss after you've screwed up - it's nonsense.

Watson has no respect for his crew and no respect for good seamanship. I wonder if he cares about his cause or if he just likes playing pirate?

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