Friday, January 2, 2009

gcaptain in 2008

From gcaptain:
"2008 marked the first full year of operation here at and the growth we saw was both amazing and unexpected. In 2008, we grew by over 136%, receiving over 780,000 visitors and over 2 million page views. We had visitors from all seven continents and welcomed visitors from every nation on earth with the exception of Chad, Mali, Brazzaville and Tajikistan."
Capt John Conrad success at gcaptain is a remarkable thing. I know that to achieve success John has had to work hard and smart.

Here's the deal. The secret to success at sea is, learn your job and do it. You just keep plugging away. When then phone rings you heave yourself out of the rack and go on deck, or up to wheel house.....and repeat. No big secrets. You study, take the test, stand your watch, and wait for an opening.

I know plenty of mariners who have tried their hand at shore side jobs. Many of them returned to shipping with sad stories about how hard they worked and how low the pay is etc etc. It's tough to find work ashore when trained for the sea. John didn't just look for work, he created his own, and now has three full time employees.

Well done John, and good luck.


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