Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some Links from Mariners

Here a few links to blogs by mariners at sea I think are worth a read. Velu at Bill of Lading is back at sea.

Deepwater has a good one Icing on Top - Its true about the cook, if anyone on the ship isn't doing their job it effects everyone, but with the cook it's three times a day.

At NY Tugmaster's Weblog Capt Brucato has a good read The Deck Chronicles - Being mate on the barge with a radio is an interesting situation. You're not conning the vessel, you are advising the captain who is at the controls. On a tank barge the captain has a good view, on a container barge the captain has to rely entirely upon the mate. Some companies put the mate at the controls and have the captain on the barge giving wheel and rudder orders. With the captain in the blind in wheel house the mate is in the situation of having to conn the vessels alongside without offending the captain by using actually engine or wheel orders. Some captains are better then others of course, same goes for the mates.


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