Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kennebec Captain Blog Wins Award

High School sports award

I just got home from three months as sea and am doing some catching up.

I was surprised to learn the Kennebec Captain won gcaptain's
Best Maritime Blog of 2009 That you (Maybe) Aren't Reading
Link to the post here

Ok, not an award but a list of some blogs on the more obscure end of the maritime blogosphere spectrum.

Also on the list was Towmasters, their response is at Good Company, where the claim is made that this blog has
"clearly expressed opinions on operational safety and training deserve to be widely read"
- Clearly expressed? I take that as high praise, I mean, I'm trying.

I also see I was quoted in the political blog Majikthise with regards to piracy - Blogging Head Pirate Edition - The quote used was was from this post, Arming Merchant Crews.

Also, Peter Mello used one of my quotes in his excellent article published in Marine News Assuming a New Leadership Role (PDF)

Bottom line, Capt Van de Velde at The Art of Dredging advice says it all:
"There is no use for experience, if it is not shared with others. And there is no real excuse not to share it."
- So, do it.

Thanks gcaptain, Peter Mello and Towmaster.


UPDATE: This (non) Award looks even better when Casco Bay Boaters Blogs says it - Here

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