Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whale Wars - Cheap Exploitation

UPDATE: Oops - Richard Spilman is the "Writer, Videographer, and Multimedia Designer" aka Old Salt

From the site Huffington Post, an article by Richard Spilman Whale Wars - Eco-Terrorism as Reality TV
So what is the problem with "Whale Wars"? The problem is that it is cheap exploitation in praise of what is nothing less than eco-terrorism. It is the glorification of vigilantism on the high seas. And oh, by the way, the Sea Shepherds do almost nothing to protect the whales where they really do need protection.

While "Whale Wars" presents a simplistic case of us against them, the noble environmentalists against the evil whalers, the reality, of course, is not so black and white.

I agree. If you want to save the whales at least try to help, the Right Whales.


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