Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Merchant Mariner Credential Received

New Passport Style Merchant Mariner Credential (Image From Red Right Returning)

I received my new MMC (Merchant Mariner Credential) yesterday in the mail. I was surprised to get it, I was expecting that I was going to be issued a new STCW with a VSO (Vessel Security Officer) endorsement.

It took six weeks to get it back. I wonder how long it will take to renew, its coming due next year.

The Coast Guard issued "Important Information for Mariners about posting of the New Merchant Marine Credential on-board a vessel." (posted below)

This part seems odd.
As a security measure, mariners should not post their credentials while the vessel is visiting foreign ports
Is the concern someone will steal the credentials or just see them? I not going to post mine, I'll just post a copy.


Text of Coast Guard's "Important Information for Mariners about posting of the new Merchant Mariner Credential on-board a Vessel (link to full pdf version)

The Coast Guard recently released the new Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC), a passport style document that replaces legacy licenses and documents. The current statue in 46 USC 7110 requires that the license be displayed in a conspicuous place on the vessel on which he/she is serving has not been changed by this new style credential. Those mariners previously required topost a legacy license should now post their MMC in accordance with the guidance below. Mariners holding an MMC should display the officer endorsement page of the MMC, which is equivalent to the previous officer license. The term "officer endorsement" is defined in 46 CFR 10.107, which directly links to the list of officer endorsements contained in 46 CFR 10.109(a).
MMC holders with officer endorsements under 46 CFR 10.109(a) (1) through (a)(43) should display the officer endorsement page of the MMC.

This instruction is consistent with the information in the Consolidation of Merchant Mariner Qualification Credential final rule (USCG-2006-24371) section III, paragraph 15, sub-section A,"Comments from the Docket or Public Meetings." It specifically states, "Officer endorsements could be contained on opposing pages and would not contain personal privacy information sothat the credential could be opened to that page for posting aboard vessels to satisfy the requirements of 46 USC 7710."
Mariners holding legacy licenses should continue to display their license.

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