Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pirates Favor Unprepared Ships

 The basic philosophy of ship security is (from USCG)
“hardening” merchant shipping targets. Even if such tactics cannot entirely prevent pirate attacks, they may prolong the time it takes for pirate groups operating from small craft to gain control of a target vessel long enough for naval or law enforcement response assets in the area to successfully intervene.

In the past when I explain this concept to crews  I would sometimes  get remarks along the lines of fighting off armed attackers with fire hoses was silly. Well there should no longer be any doubt.

From Strategy  Page The article is Pirates Feast On Gamblers

February 3, 2010: An analysis of the ships captured by Somali pirates last year found that most of them had ignored recommended security measures, while passing through the Gulf of Aden, or elsewhere along the Somali coast. About a quarter of the merchant ships moving through this danger zone just take their chances. The odds aren't bad. About one in 500 ships passing through the area are captured by pirates. But closer to one in a hundred are attacked or threatened. The pirates have learned to seek out the unprepared merchant ships, knowing that these will be easier to get aboard and capture. Thus these ships that are just playing the percentages, have a higher risk (closer to one in 200) or being captured.

Found at: Pirate Watch: Tumbling dice  at  The Best Defense  - Tom Rick's blog at Foreign Policy - worth a read if your involved in piracy defense

Piracy defense is like the  joke about the two hikers encountering a bear, the punchline is; I don''t have to outrun the bear, I have to outrun you.(you being the unprepared ship in this case)


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