Friday, July 16, 2010

The "A Whale" Recovers No Oil

T/V A Whale (USCG Photo)

The results from the testing the A Whale in the Gulf oil spill are in. According to Coast Guard Rear Admiral Paul Zunkunft  after two week of testing the A Whale recovered no oil. From Reuters Giant 'super skimmer' no help with Gulf oil spill.
"The results are the amount of oil recovered by the A Whale is nil," Zunkunft said"
The A Whale is the wrong tool for the job.


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Barista Uno said...

Aha! This is a case of "I told you so."

Thanks for the post.

Ken E. Beck said...

Barista Uno - thanks for the comment. It still seems odd to me that so many thought that a supertanker would make a good skimmer. I think perhaps they were seduced by its size.

Will said...