Wednesday, September 1, 2010


TradeWinds recently published a list of the 100 most powerful movers and shakers in shipping,  You can't see who they are without a subscription but you can see the image of a big board room table here. The top 100 is about $$$, TradeWinds writes of these top 100:

 Is it the head of the world’s biggest shipping group, the wealthiest owner or someone controlling a top stock exchange listed company? And how will the competing claims of liners, tankers and bulkers be balanced?

The  PORTFIRE 40 on the other hand isn't about big money it is  about ideas, creativity and passion. Let's turn the sea bag upside down and give it another shake and get at the good stuff still hidden in there.

Ryan Skinner of 59° 56' N has more on The PORTFIRE 40 at:
Meet the Portfire40!

Bob Couttie of Marine Acident Casebook with: Enough of the same suits.

Meet the Portfire40. Maritime people making a difference… from Shipping Podcasts which is provided by Coracle Online Ltd: professional development provider with a focus on the shipping and commodity industries. - Announcing Portfire 40 -with a video with by Benjamin Strong

Shiptalk - Meet the Portfire40!

The always focused Sea Fever has a good post on the Portfire 40 True North Leadership and the PortFire 40

gcaptain posts Portfire 40 Launches! Who do you think should make the list?

Any recommendations suggestions nominations or what have you - leave them in comments or send an email. 


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