Thursday, December 16, 2010

View From My Room

View from my room - Santos Brazil

Just got off the ship at 0100 today. Cold and rainy here in Santos. By cold I mean about 70F. I was told that Maine is "really cold". I hope that means about 65F, if not I'll be in hard shape, blood thickness-wise when I get home.



tugster said...

are you summerin' over in brasil?

Ken E. Beck said...

Hi Will,

Nope, home now. The ship was delayed and I missed my original flight. Caught the same flight the next day.

tugster said...

happy holidays. come spring, i'd love to find time when you're home downeast and enjoy the bounty of maine.

John Konrad said...

Ken, It seems that we just missed each-other. But, truth be told, I keep my eyes away from the road after seeing a dead body on the way from Rio.