Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Will the Village People Dancing exec face charges?

Deepwater Horizon on fire - USCG Photo

When I saw this headline: Report: Feds may charge BP execs with seaman's manslaughter my first thought was: 'good' -but then I though I don't really know the facts, I can't say one way of the other if BP execs deserve charges of seaman's manslaughter.  Then I remembered this article:

Shifting Procedures Upset BP's Rig Team

According to the article:
Just days before the Deepwater Horizon exploded, the onshore BP PLC manager in charge of the drilling rig warned his supervisor that last-minute procedural changes were creating "chaos" on the rig.
The crew is drilling what has turned into a troublesome well in water almost a mile deep.

The shoreside director wrote to his boss:
"The operation is not going to succeed if we continue in this manner," wrote John Guide, who directed the Deepwater Horizon's operations from BP's Houston offices.
The answer:
His supervisor, David Sims, told him to tell rig workers "to hang in there." Then Mr. Sims signed off to attend a dance practice, promising to call later in the day: "We're dancing to the Village People!" he wrote.
Hang in there? Dancing?  - so yes, they need to explain this to a judge.



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