Thursday, July 28, 2011


In the past, when I out to sea and very busy I would sometimes send my wife a short email. I would send her the news, for example my rpm, speed made good, sea conditions, ship motion and the mutiny level of the crew (low, moderate or high). I would also include the letters AIW which means (to me)
"All is well".

She used to complain about the too short emails and the use of "AIW" so I stopped. I tried to add more interesting items, for example if I saw a flying fish, a turtle or if we had pork chops for lunch.

So now, Commenter Will comes back from cruise, home from school, and off he goes to the George's Banks, fishing on a boat out of Portland, - nothing heard for six days. My wife tells me she wishes for a short email. Three letters:"AIW" .

As for me? Busy all day, pre-arrival docs, drill. F-6 head winds, turning for 18 kts, making 17.1. Chicken for lunch. AIW.


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