Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scanner Review

Brother MFC-7360N Multipurpose printer/scanner

When I'm  running coast-wise, it's important to be able to get my various clerical chores done quickly so I can focus on more critical tasks. A key point is that it is more efficient and much quicker handling computer documents then paper ones. That means having a good scanner is important.

 I've had several various  scanners in my office over time but none as good as the Brother MFC printer/scanner. It prints fast, scans fast and the document feeder works much better then other models I've used. It also has software that is easy to use.

 Imagine out the window I can see my green third mate is about to have a first encounter with the fishing fleet but I  have a handful of paper to deal with. With this scanner I can shove the papers into the feeder, type in a file name, click the mouse button and then start a sprint out my office door.  Before the ship closes a couple more ship lengths towards the nearest boat  I'll be on the bridge in time to show the new mate fishing vessel avoidance techniques  and my documents will be safely on the hard drive.


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