Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Will Somalia based pirates seize a ship with armed guards?

Reported at Eagle Speak at the post Somali Pirates: End of October Brings out the Pirates.

WARNING: ATTACK A Vessel came under fire from an unknown number of skiffs in position 0810S 04606E at 2028Z on 31/10/11. Vessel was fired upon aft of bridge bulkhead, port and starboard side accommodation and portholes. On board security team returned fire and after 30 mins pirates left the vicinity of the vessel.
If this is correct pirates persisted for half an hour with an attack against a ship while an onboard armed security team returned fire. As far as I know this is a new development as in the past pirates have broken off attacks as soon as fired upon.

It is my view that it is only a matter of time before pirates seize a ship with armed guards. Ship masters should put BMP into place even with an embarked armed security team.


Note: I have edited this post changing the source from   Greek Tanker, Liquid Velvet, Hijacked in the Gulf of Aden to Eagle Speak


D. Peter Boucher, Kt. SMOM, Dip. LA., MN (Ret.) said...

Please define your definition of HIJACK. This is an ATTACK not a HIJACK. Let us not get ahead of ourselves. This would seem akin to a Media report hyping the incident to catch the viewers with 'News at 2300'. We seafarers should keep reports as they actually are and in true perspective.
Good Watch.

Ken E. Beck said...

Capt Boucher - The word Hijack is from title of the article which I linked to and refers to the vessel Liquid Velvet which was in fact taken.

I have changed the link, using Eagle Speak instead, the original link is at the bottom.


Will said...

Capt. Boucher,

u mad bro?


3/c Will