Friday, April 20, 2012

Star Princess

Distress Signals

Old Salt Blog has been covering the story of the Carnival ship the Star Princess failing to come to the aid of a fisherman in distress . Did Cruise Ship, Star Princess, Ignore Drifting Boat in Distress Leaving Fishermen to Die?

According to reports passengers aboard the ship spotted the fisherman in distress and reported the sighting to the crew. Carnival Cruise lines is claiming that neither the captain nor the crew received the report.

It is perhaps understandable that the hotel and sales staff aboard a cruise ship are not sufficiently trained  to recognize a skiff in distress.  It is also understandable the sighting did not get passed to an officer capable of judging if the sighting warranted further investigation. These things can be attributed to a poorly run ship.

But what about the bridge watch?  Did they not see the signal or, if they saw it did they  not understand it?
Don't know what happened aboard the Star Princess when they passed  Adrian Vasquez in his skiff  but it seems at minimum the crew could use some training in basic seamanship.

 I can't imagine that they would have known the crew of the skiff required assistance and left the crew to die. If that's the case, and I hope it is not, then Vasquez is right when he said 'God will not forgive them'"


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