Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photo of the Chart Showing The Straits of Hormuz

Photo of Straits of Hormuz Chart
Last trip I took a photo of the chart which shows the Straits of Hormuz. To enlarge, open image then right click to "view image"  I uploaded it to Flickr as well you can see it here full size.

For scale,  the chart shows latitude lines 26 N and 27 N, a distance of  60 nautical miles ( a minute is a mile) the 30 minute mark (30 miles) is labeled as well. Each tic mark is one mile.

There are three sets of  marked traffic lanes (TSS or Traffic Separation Scheme)  on the chart including the ones in the Strait itself. Each lane is 2 miles wide.

Depths are in meters.

The ports of Dubai and Fujairah are shown as is Dubai World just SW of Dubai.


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