Monday, September 3, 2012

Board and Disembark Security like Ship Pilots

Armed security teams should be able to board and disembark from vessels as routinely as do ship pilots.  If vessels were stationed at key points, the same places where security teams are dropped off and picked up now - Port Suez, Fujairah, Galle and Durban, then teams, and their weapons could easily board and disembark and it would avoid hassles associated with carrying weapons aboard ship.

The case is laid out here: Anarchy on the High Seas (pdf)  (via Maritime Security Review)

 A few other interesting comments as well


EDIT: Make clear that weapons should be removed with the security team.


Jim Howard said...

Is there any practical way that civilian ships could convoy with armed escort, as was done in WWII?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment.

There are convoys in the Gulf of Aden for the "low and slow" For faster vessels with a high freeboard an embarked, armed security team is more cost effective.