Friday, October 12, 2012

The Crew of the Iceberg 1 is in Distress and Requires Assistance

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"some members of the shipping community feel the industry has failed the crew of the Iceberg" 1
That quote is from Two scars on the conscience of the shipping industry.

The shipping industry and governments have chosen to ignore the plight of the crew of the Iceberg 1.

Its time for mariners to step up and come to the aid of the crew.  I understand that mariners feel powerless, mariners are easy targets when a scapegoat is needed  and easy to ignore when  they  are held by Somali pirates.  Mariners are, in fact, almost powerless to act in this case. No one cares what mariners  have to say. In this case the shipping industry and governments evidently consider the crew not worthy of attention.

I believe mariners can bring needed attention to the case of the Iceberg 1, but not as individuals. That's the idea behind the Mariners Action Group.

 You can now join Iceberg 1 Mariners Action Group here. 

The propose of the group is  "to bring international attention to their plight, and pressure to bear for their release". 

  The Facebook page, which has gotten over 2000 "likes" is here  M/V Iceberg 1 Mariners Action Group, 

The Pear Link post is here 

 I know these web sites and so forth are not a lot but it's something, and the crew of the Iceberg 1 deserve more help then they are getting.


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