Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Three Points

I don't know what else to call them, with regard to the correct approach to ship operations here are -

The Three Points:

1. Things are going ok.
2. They could be going better.
3. Disaster could strike at any time.

To expand a little:

Things are going ok - We have applied a lot of effort, backed by years of experience into the efficient and safe operation of the ship, and it has payed off. This encompasses everything, safety, seamanship, procedures, attitudes, management style, leadership philosophy, in all spheres of shipboard operations, crew management, navigation, cargo operations, emergency preparedness, regulation compliance etc, etc, etc.

2. Things could be going better - Everything is under constant review and evaluation for possible ways to improve using lessons learned , feedback, audits, results of inspections and our own observations. Nothing is sacred, including these three points.

3. Disaster could strike at any time, this includes emergency response but beyond that to include what is called "failure of imagination" Or call it "avoid hubris". This keeps us from getting too smug and comfortable.


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