Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Blog for Justice for Hebei Spirt Crew

At BIMCO - Hebei Spirit - Blogging for justice and calls for Korea boycott -Which links to the new blog seeking justice for the Captain and Chief Mate here: The Shipping Industry Seeks level Playing Field for Hebei Spirt.

Bob Couttie Marine Accident Casebook has been on this case from the start:

Mr. Couttie writes:

Your car’s parked in the lot outside a roadside diner, well off the road, when a another vehicle pulling a trailer passes. As it passes the trailer breaks free and ploughs into your car, rupturing the petrol tank and spilling fuel. So the police arrest you because you should have assumed that the trailer would break free of the vehicle and parked somewhere else. That’s the sort of utter daftness today’s seafarers face daily and which 53 year old Captain JS Chawla of the Hebei Spirit faces today,


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