Saturday, January 10, 2009

Photo of Sirius Star from Astern

Tanker Sirius Star U.S. Navy Photo- found at Information Dissemination

When the tanker Sirius Star was hijacked some in the media expressed surprise that a supertanker could be boarded by pirates using open boats. This picture shows however the height to be scaled is not all that far. It looks difficult but not impossible. A ladder equipped hooks at the top may have been used. There are likely a good number of people in Somalia who would be willing to give it a try for a share of three million dollars.


UPDATE: Sekulich , in comments points out that this photo is somewhat misleading, I agree. I intended to illustrate that the freeboard of a loaded tanker is less then what people may think. Not shown is, for one, the powerful wash that comes off the prop of a ship at full sea speed. It is much more difficult to board a tanker at full speed in the open sea then at anchor on a calm day which is what the photo shows

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