Friday, January 2, 2009

Photos from the frigid "True North"

Photo by Daniel Sekulich .

Writer Daniel Sekulich has posted some photos at Merry Christmas from the "true north" at his blog Modern Day Pirate Tales.

I got cold just looking at them. Here is a photo to look at till you warm back up.

The Resolute wood stove made by Vermont Casting Photo by K.C. .

I was at sea a couple of winters ago and I heard on the news that Northern New England was having a severe cold spell. I called my uncle from a phone booth on the pier at Hiroshima and asked him if he was cold. He lives in a big old farm house with a Queen Atlantic in the center of the kitchen. He said "Nope, it's nice and warm standing here by the stove chucking wood in."

Below is a photo showing the stack gas temp - red-lined at 480F.

Stack gas temp red-lined at 480 degrees F.

If we were towing we might take a couple of turns off. - Here at the house we don't back off till the cat has to move away from the stove.
Sleeping cat Photo by K.C. .


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