Saturday, January 1, 2011

Photos of Zona Comun Pilot Boat -Rio de la Plata

Zona Comun Pilot Boat on Río de la Plata(Photo by K.C.)

When I first saw the pilot boat with the Pilot age SA pilot aboard I though the boat itself was tied to a dock of some sort until the whole thing started coming our way.

When bound for the Port of Zarate, Argentina The Plate River  pilot boards at Recalada, the Parana River pilot boards at Zona Comun near Buenos Aires Roads.When we switched pilot I managed to snap a couple of fotos. 

If there is ever a contest for photos of the most unusual pilot boats I am entering these pictures.



will said...

Thanks for posting that. Never seen one like that pilot boat.

will said...

By the wAy, I have a possibility of being in Portsmouth, nh next weekend Jan 7. Any chance of meeting up ... I could even drive a bit farther north, as I haven't been in Maine in quite a while ... Let me know via tugster blog. Cheers and happy new year.

bowsprite said...

i LOVE that negative space bow! do you think it is so this vessel can fit into ships bows so the pilot can scramble up the hawsepipe?

Fernando & Carina said...

Today, pilot boat Antares is a bit different: wheelhouse is smaller, the deck is not like that (that negative cut, it´s just straight side to side), and it reaches speeds over 21 kts.