Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Running the Route with the St. Louis

Loading at Dundalk Terminal Baltimore the ship in front of us pulled out first, I snapped a couple  photos as she slid by.

American flagged Alliance Saint Louis

Here she is sliding past using two tugs.
Sliding by
Here is the same same ship a few days later as we are both southbound in  the Gulf of Suez after leaving the canal.

It's common to see the same ship during a voyage. Often the same ships will be ahead or behind you for the entire voyage. It's like driving a bus on a bus route.



Reid said...


I was a Baltimore Harbor tug captain for 15 years and helped many a ship in and out of Dundalk Marine Terminal. . . although I usually saw the scene from a lower vantage point!

Hope you enjoyed your time in Balto. I've worked in busier ports, but Baltimore is a nice, compact place with some challenging berths - especially for carships in a strong NW!


elo boost said...

We had been the Baltimore Have pull chief with regard to 15 many years as well as assisted numerous the deliver within as well as from Dundalk Sea Fatal... even though It's my job to noticed the actual picture from the reduce vantage stage!

Wish a person loved your time and effort within Balto. I have proved helpful within busier plug-ins, however Baltimore is really a good, small location along with a few difficult berths -- specifically for carships inside a powerful NW!

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