Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Running the Route with the St. Louis

Loading at Dundalk Terminal Baltimore the ship in front of us pulled out first, I snapped a couple  photos as she slid by.

American flagged Alliance Saint Louis

Here she is sliding past using two tugs.
Sliding by
Here is the same same ship a few days later as we are both southbound in  the Gulf of Suez after leaving the canal.

It's common to see the same ship during a voyage. Often the same ships will be ahead or behind you for the entire voyage. It's like driving a bus on a bus route.


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Reid said...


I was a Baltimore Harbor tug captain for 15 years and helped many a ship in and out of Dundalk Marine Terminal. . . although I usually saw the scene from a lower vantage point!

Hope you enjoyed your time in Balto. I've worked in busier ports, but Baltimore is a nice, compact place with some challenging berths - especially for carships in a strong NW!