Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Snowbird - Army FS

My first job on my license was for an outfit called Express Marine Transportation in Seattle Wa. I was the mate on the Snowbird, a small freighter that ran from Seattle to Alaska. We often would get a load of crab from either Akutan or Dutch Harbor and haul it back to Seattle. I couldn't find a photo at home so I looked on line. First photo I found was at the site EagleSpeak

Except for the life rafts and the boat this vessel looks very similar to the Snowbird

Blogger Eagle 1 writes:
Of the non-Coast Guard manned ships (of which there were man, but not much in the way of written history exists), one crewman serving in the Aleutians also gained some fame as a writer, Gore Vidal served, it seems, as first mate on an FS. The experience prompted the writing of his first book, Williwaw.
Well who of thunk it , me and Gore Vidal. I'm going to have to read Williwaw

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