Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ice ships

John A Konrad kindly allowed me to post at gcaptain. The Sinking of the Alaska Ranger - Fishing Master vs Captain

Meanwhile I've been digging though some old photos.

Here is the Terry Fox, at night in the Chukchi Sea. This was the Fox's maiden voyage in 1983.

The Terry Fox again, with a tow line running across the ice to the NOAA Ship Surveryor, The ice was 8/8ths, 4-6 feet thick with 20 ft pressure ridges.
This is the view from the wheel house, crossing the Gulf of Alaska on a SeaLand (now Horizon Line) D-7 Container ship. These ships were built for Alaskan water with ice-strengthened hulls.


paul the pirate (Yar!) said...

Excellent blog! Nice to find other people in the industry.

(If you go to mine, be kind; we're running between docks with no shore access, so I've got wicked sea-fever).

Also, we've got a big Maine contingent on board- an Eastporter, one from Bangor, another from Aroostock county, and 2 from rinky-dink towns along rt. 1.

Kennebec Captain said...

Paul, thanks for the kind remarks, I had a good laugh reading some of your posts,

"I get up off of the barstool and immediately take on a 20-degree port list. The floor has a mysterious slope to it"

- Ha! Never happened to me.

Tell the boys from Maine the bugs are starting to come out in southern Maine and to behave themselves - Later