Friday, November 14, 2008

Knife, flashlight and keys, What's in your pocket?

gcaptain on favorite tools here and Bitter End has Boat Tools so here is what I carry.

I always have these three things in my pocket- keys, a small knife and a rechargeable flashlight.

Here's a photo - I don't have my keys here, the key is a car key.

Flashlight, knife and keys

The knife
When I was a seaman, Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer Wilson told me never come out on deck without a knife. That was over thirty years ago. As I advanced in rank the knife has gotten smaller and smaller. I like this one because it is flat and you don't notice it in your pocket.

Gerber Knife, sells for about $12

The Flashlight
This light is perfect for the wheelhouse. It's rechargeable and like the knife, is flat. There is a better picture here. Outside on a dark night or in the holds the beam gets swallowed up by darkness so you'll want to grab something bigger for that. Still, it's better then nothing.

Sanyo Cadnica Lite - rechargeable seems to be only available in Japan sells for under $15

What's in your pocket?


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