Monday, November 10, 2008

Sea Shepherd flips a RIB boat

Here is a how-NOT-to video from "Whale Wars"

At 34 seconds into the video below the RIB boat can be seen turning perpendicular to the ship's course then flipping over. I can't tell if the hoisting wire parted or not.

I don't see any sign of a sea painter.

A sea painter is a line that leads from the bow of the boat to the a point on the ship well forward of the boat.

A sea painter is a line led from the bow of the boat fwd to the ship - Drawing by K.C.

Gibson's Seamanship and Navigation warns to keep the slack out of the sea painter and says about the boat: "if she tows from the whip or the falls she may then broach to."

I caught a few minutes of the show. I wonder how much experience or training the crew has. I going to try to see the whole thing next week.

PS gcaptain forum has some interesting discussion


Anonymous said...

That is the FIRST thing I said, Where's the seapainter. I spent 4 years as a ships small boat coxswain in the US Coast Guard and the Sea Painter is the First line ON and the last line OFF when comming alongside of departing the ship...

DutchPrivateer said...

I sent the Sea Shepards a copy from my USCG Blue Jacket Manual on Seamanship and Communications.

I had the same thought, "Where is the Sea Painter" and have they ever practiced this before???