Friday, May 22, 2009

Capt. "Ardover" Gregory-Smith

Capt. Gregory-Smith's ship the HMS Eridge - Hunt Class Destroyer (Type II) (Photo from Wikipedia)

At Old Salt Blog I saw this story: Captain Frank Gregory-Smith: Destroyer Captain and D-Day Beachmaster'

If Capt Gregory-Smith had been a fictional character the story would strain credulity that one man could have so often been in the thick of it.

The captain's obituary, here, in the Telegraph

But at heart he was always a destroyer man and it was as such, as the captain of HMS Eridge, that he fought through 1941 and 1942 in the bitter struggle between the Royal Navy and Axis forces for control of the Mediterranean. In this theatre he served at the Battle of Sirte, sank a U-boat, sailed in four Malta convoys and numerous Tobruk convoys.

He was know as Capt Ardover "for his frequent use of full rudder."


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