Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Incident Reports Point to Lack of BRM

From BIMCO A cautionary fishy tale
The Master had a largely unblemished record, with his performance rated by an internal audit undertaken three years before the incident as “outstanding”, while he was personally commended for his “leadership and dedication to detail”.
The "incident" was running down a navigation tower.

The risk of poor communications among a bridge team creating the potential for incidents has long been recognised and paved the way for the introduction of Bridge Resource Management (BRM) training, now a familiar part of company training

If the power of BRM has long been recognized, it has not been fully embraced by ship masters and pilots.

If the concerns about BRMs shortcomings are valid then it seems we should be seeing accidents reports where too much teamwork was a factor in an accident. I think it is possible that too much of available resources on the bridge are being used to coordinate and communicate and so forth but I haven't seen any reports of that being the case yet.


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