Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photos of Boarding at Wandelaar from Pilot Cutter

Pilots at Wandelaar pilot station use a pilot cutter, Wandelaar (or Steenbank) is the pilot station for Antwerp, the Westerschelde and Schelde rivers

Every time I've been here it has either been dark, raining, or too much traffic (or all three) to take pictures but this time it was a beautiful day and the traffic was light so I took my camera out on the bridge wing.

Here is the pilot cutter, ships anchored at Wandelaar anchorage can be seen in the distance.

A little closer, the boat, with crew and pilot ready to be lowered.

The boat being lowered into the water.

Here the boat hits the water, the sea painter can be seen.

On the way.

Approaching the ship,


Pilot on the ladder, that light on the accommodation deck is the SOLAS requried light for the liferaft.

Pilot climbing the ladder, the boat starts back to the cutter.

Pilot continues to climb, time for the photographer to put the camera away and attend to other duties.

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