Sunday, February 27, 2011

Critical Decision Making Lectures on DVD

For the last year or so I have been doing some reading on cognitive bias and Normal accident theory so when I saw both subjects listed on The Teaching Company lectures The Art of Critical Decision Making along with some concepts I had not heard of I was intrigued enough to order the DVDs to take to sea.

 I was skeptical about  academic lectures aimed at businessmen but  many of the lessons  could be applied to  ship operations. Some of the insights might mean the difference between  having a clear understanding of what need to be done and just muddling though in some situations.  For someone with training in business some of the material covered might be old hat but a lot of it was new to me.

There are reviews from customers here. There were a total of 24 lectures of 30 minutes each.

If you spend time at sea I recommend having a look at what is offered and see if anything catches your eye. It is nice to listen to a lecture rather then reading at the end of a long work day. Not to mention that entertainment choices on the ship are often limited. Last trip it was either  theses  DVDs or season one of  Desperate Housewives.

                                              A list of the lectures on 1 of 2 DVDs

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